Interesting Facts About the Game Apex Legends

It features first-person gameplay using the Titanfall universe, as well as a variety of characters with unique abilities, and the ability to be reborn multiple times.Rank boosting in Apex Legends is something that we advise you to do ahead of time. You can find instructions here, as well as 24/7 online support of professionals.

Basic facts about the game

A small experiment led to the creation of Apex Legends. Respawn Entertainment has started testing new modes and campaigns after the release of Titanfall 2. Survival is a prototype designed by two designers, and it was conceived before Apex. Titans and pilots from Titanfall were also used during the battles for Survival, which had only eight squads of three men each. Several months have passed since developers considered including robots in battle royale, but finally gave up. Additionally, in the early version one could run through the walls - later on, this feature was removed so that gameplay would be reduced.

A first-person shooter in the Titanfall universe that combines game mechanics with a battle royale genre, Apex Legends is an online game.The game has been advertised extensively but it hasn't received much press coverage. Announcing and launching the project on the same day - February 4, 2019 - hasn't led to much press attention.Within the first week of the game's release, Apex Legends had more players playing than Fortnite in the first two months. More than 25 million compared with 20 million.

The combat flow and combat system in Apex Legends are similar to those of Overwatch.Since Titans themselves have not yet been balanced in battle royale gameplay, they are not in the game.
There are three teams of three players each in the main game mode, which is a 60-person game.Because of the respawn system, you must destroy an enemy team before they respawn in order to reduce the number of opponents and win.

This cannot be done automatically. As a result of the final roll, you are reborn by your partner, which means that you do not have loot to take back to the game.Eight characters currently exist in the game, each with their own unique abilities that help your team survive and make life difficult for your opponents.Cosmetics and new characters can be purchased using in-game currency, but all of these items are available for in-game currency as well.

During battles, the hero gains experience and levels up, which earns him in-game currency.There are two types of scaling in the game: HP and armor. Bringing the cure right into the battle can be accomplished by combat partners with the "medic" class.The disembarkation area is determined by the captain each team selects at random, however partners are allowed to specify the disembarkation point.
While combat is ongoing, your partners are able to highlight enemy positions.To communicate with your teammates in combat, it is helpful if you know a few pattern phrases

Teamwork is emphasized in Apex Legends. The match takes place in threes, not solo, and players cannot play alone. Despite your lack of company, it will find partners on its own if you don't have one. It is forbidden to place two classes in the same group, and the squads each have a leader who sets rules such as when to jump out of the shuttle at the beginning of a match and where the squads will fly. While you can separate from your comrades and change directions, surviving as a lone survivor is almost impossible.

Each line is voiced in several ways

The hero line selection screen is a good example of this. In some cases, the intonation changes when you click the same line. The phrase itself does not change, however.

Doors can be opened by shooting the handle

You can open a door in three different ways: using a straight forward approach, hitting the handle with a fist or grenade (this is often forgotten) or shooting the handle and leaving the door intact. It is always recommended to use the second method.

Character dialogues change depending on the situation

The Reddit community noticed a change in Mirage's dialogues when the partners die. It becomes more nervous and he talks to himself. This fact clearly annoys Mirage, and his dialogue becomes sarcastic near the end of the game.

Memories of a list of teammates appear when shooting

Having this option is useful when you are playing with randoms who are resistant to communication. In the teammate list, the names of team members whose shots are fired appear in flashes next to their names.
The announcement of Apex Legends came at the same time as the announcement of most other notable games, which are typically announced months before their release. It was done to avoid creating a negative perception of the shooter, according to the developers. Take a look at the announcement - Respawn, which by that time was still a part of Electronic Arts, announces a conditionally free-to-play battle royale with loot boxes. The community waited with some skepticism for a game of this kind. As a result, the author simply released an action game and said nothing more.

The game started off well - over 2.5 million users visited it on the first day after launch. The peak was 600 thousand visitors during the same period. In Apex Legends, you can communicate with your allies using tags, which is a convenient communication system. They fine-tuned this mechanic by relying entirely on in-game pointers and character lines for a month while playing Apex with the microphone turned off.
Apex Legends saw massive popularity in its first month after its release (see, Fortnite gained 45 million players in four months while another game, Apex Legends, has attracted over 50 million players so far). Within 30 days, Apex visitors completed 158 million achievements, regenerated 170 million times, and placed 31 billion pointser tags. Active Ultima has been activated 1,22 billion times during that time.