These 8 on-campus jobs are perfect for international students

It can be quite expensive to study in an international country considering the cost of meals, lodging, and other expenses. Many people work on campus to pay for their studies. Consequently, for international students, the best person to provide guidance is a designated school official (DSO). This person can let them know what types of jobs are available, their hours, and what skills are required. We have compiled a list of international student jobs available on campus.

Guidelines and limitations for students working

There may be a limit of 20 hours of work per week for students during the term, which increases to 40 hours during holidays. There will be a range of minimum wages from $7.25 to $15 in every state, but the range will probably be somewhere between those two amounts. Especially for jobs that pay more than $10, specific skills are often required. There are many restrictions and limitations that apply to students on an F1 visa, so it is recommended that you read over the guidelines and rules before taking on a job in order to avoid any bureaucratic issues or issues with officials. It is very important that you have a Directing Student Officer (DSO) who can guide you in finding the right on-campus job for you. A CV should also be prepared before students start looking for options or approaching the DSO.

Campus ambassador

In addition to showing potential students around the campus, on-board students are able to convince them of why they should decide to attend the university. Students can create online profiles in order to exchange information and interact with other students. It is also possible for students to be taken on a tour of the college or university by a campus ambassador who may be able to provide information and history about the institution.

Research assistant

A majority of scientists, marketers, writers, and reporters perform this task by conducting research, collecting data, and backing up their results with surveys and reports. It is also possible for students to earn extra marks for doing this kind of work, which is why it is important to become as well-informed as possible about the job before carrying out any research.

Cafe or canteen worker

Campuses have part-time work opportunities such as canteens or cafes. By taking advantage of this offer, individuals can make new friends and build a strong network while also saving money on coffee! Depending on the position, the duties may vary from serving customers to managing the counter.

Teaching assistant

As part of a part-time job, students assist professors with their coursework and teaching responsibilities. Graduate students are increasingly being employed as instructors at colleges and universities, thus acting as a bridge between the professors and the students. The main role of a teaching assistant is to help students with their studies or extracurricular activities if they need assistance. They can also serve as a substitute for professors who cannot be present. In addition to grading tests and lecturing, they can also give lectures.

Library assistant

Are you a bookworm or do you enjoy peace and quiet? You will enjoy working as a library assistant if you have an interest in either of the two. This work experience will give you the opportunity to learn great organizing skills, as well as having the opportunity to surround yourself with books all day long. In addition to book shelf-shelfing and helping customers find what they need, this is an on-campus job that pays well as well. As well as assisting with library events, librarians are expected to provide administrative assistance as well.


As the students work to respond to emails, phone calls, and letters, they get first-hand exposure to customer service. In addition to meeting new people, a receptionist's job will involve informing them about the university's facilities.

Department assistant

Your CV will gain more weight when you work on this job, right from supporting students and teams to assisting the entire department. This job entails assisting the office with information and administrative services. As a manager, you need to be able to solve problems and communicate effectively. Getting hands-on experience in back-office tasks is a great opportunity.

Sales assistant

Students can easily juggle between classes and work when colleges or universities feature a supermarket or store, where students can easily juggle between classes and work. By working as a sales assistant, students can acquire real-world experiences in customer service and tact. Visitors and students may buy clothing and merchandise at colleges and universities. Job opportunities are plentiful.